Monday, April 22, 2013

SkyPlanner Takes Salesforce to Colombia

SkyPlanner Partners has been growing at a rapid pace. We have great clients that we are proud to serve and help out with their CRM strategies. We believe in fully immersing ourselves in our clients’ organizations to really understand their business. In fact, your Miami Salesforce consulting partners, also offers  business analysis so we can recommend the best solutions to fit your needs. No two companies are alike!

Last week, all of SkyPlanner co-founders including Rene Garcia, Rene Rodriguez and Jorge Fernandez, flew to Colombia where we have a second office dealing with Salesforce products and services. We met up with our developers and SkyPlanner teammates to go over the business logic for LifeConEx. They offer peace of mind as the only industry-specific, end-to-end cold chain management solutions provider for the life science industry worldwide.

Next up is to hire more people in the U.S. savvy in all things Salesforce to expand our operations here and boost the economy via cloud computing. Check out our most recent open positions or follow us on Twitter to get regular updates.