Monday, April 29, 2013

Say Hi to Our New Member of the SkyPlanner Family

Mona Sabbah is the latest to join the SkyPlanner team. She brings with her over 10 years of experience in the advertising and marketing world. Until recently, Mona has worked as Senior Copywriter at a Miami ad agency working on the Southeast Toyota account that included 175 dealerships across Florida, South and North Carolina plus Georgia.  At MGS, she also worked on other accounts such as the University of Miami Health Systems and Florida Power and Light.

Mona has worked with your Miami Salesforce consulting company for the past several months, helping us to recreate a new website that best explains our cloud computing services. Today, she joins the SkyPlanner team as Director of Sales and Marketing, continuing to help us establish the SkyPlanner brand across multiple social media channels and marketing communication materials as well as searching for leads, building new relationships within the Miami community and closing new

Mona has national and international experience when it comes to branding and marketing as she worked with Iberostar Resorts & Hotels in Mexico, Dominican Republic and Jamaica as well as Air Canada, Canada’s national airline. In the U.S., her clients have included Sun-Sentinel, the Florida Lottery, NCL, Royal Caribbean, Tri-Rail, Neutrogena, Keiser University and SkyPlanner of course. Her goals with your Miami Salesforce consulting company is to outline a marketing plan and sales plan, set up company-wide procedures for more seamless operations, outline key performance indicators as well as metrics and outline short and long term goals.

You can find a case study she wrote about your Miami Salesforce consultants on her personal marketing website as well as view some of her past work.

Monday, April 22, 2013

SkyPlanner Takes Salesforce to Colombia

SkyPlanner Partners has been growing at a rapid pace. We have great clients that we are proud to serve and help out with their CRM strategies. We believe in fully immersing ourselves in our clients’ organizations to really understand their business. In fact, your Miami Salesforce consulting partners, also offers  business analysis so we can recommend the best solutions to fit your needs. No two companies are alike!

Last week, all of SkyPlanner co-founders including Rene Garcia, Rene Rodriguez and Jorge Fernandez, flew to Colombia where we have a second office dealing with Salesforce products and services. We met up with our developers and SkyPlanner teammates to go over the business logic for LifeConEx. They offer peace of mind as the only industry-specific, end-to-end cold chain management solutions provider for the life science industry worldwide.

Next up is to hire more people in the U.S. savvy in all things Salesforce to expand our operations here and boost the economy via cloud computing. Check out our most recent open positions or follow us on Twitter to get regular updates.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Content Is King So How Does Your Company Become Royalty?

Marketing is definitely taking a social direction in this day and age. What used to be reserved only for multi-national advertising agencies and public relations firms, today, some of it is shared with bloggers, tweeters,

Facebook posters, newsletters writers, how-to tutorial writers and others. Today’s brands aren’t talking to their audience solely through magazine ads and television commercials. No, today, brands and their ambassadors can engage with their customers through various, more casual ways, even one-on-one. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a true testament to that. The cloud computing company allows for companies to listen to what is said about them in the social world, engage with the people and answer back. It also allows companies to tailor their content to what they think is wanted.

SkyPlanner Partners, your Miami Salesforce consulting company, has definitely seen its business go social with more of our team connecting and engaging with our community out there, from esteemed clients to vendors and potential leads. So how do small and medium businesses also compete in this content-driven world? The most basic rule of thumb and one that helps companies tremendously is as simple as setting up a schedule or calendar or some sort. At SkyPlanner Partners, for example we have committed ourselves to posting blogs twice a week to interact within social media. With a schedule, you’re sure that it’s done, published, and most importantly out there. Because without the actual content, nothing else can get done.

Remember to look at comments to your various social postings, try to answer as most often as possible with either by turning the comment or concern into a blog or case study or answering back in a one-on-one method. Your Miami Salesforce consulting company reminds you that sharing the content you create is very important. Think of all the ways you can publish or distribute your content so as to reach the most people on social media. Make sure it’s relative to your audience. For example, SkyPlanner Partners distribute our blog through LinkedIn and our Twitter, because most of our followers are part of the cloud computing industry.

Listening is a big part of content creation. Your customers and your social world will tell you what they want to know, all you have to do it hear them out. Your social media marketing strategy also includes reaching out to other bloggers and companies/people that are creating their own content. You can definitely join forces or invite them to be a guest blogger from time to time.

How does your company create content?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Key to Success Entrepreneurship? Focus.

Sounds simple, but it isn’t. According to Michael Lazerow, CMO of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and founder or Buddy Media, focusing on the right thing is the most important part of running a successful business. He says great entrepreneurs focus exclusively on efforts that matter and tune out the rest.

Salesforce’s CMO of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud suggests that you list the top three things you need to accomplish in the next 6 to 12 months to give your company the best chance for long-term success. You have to be specific and rank them in order of importance. As a young company that’s growing rapidly, the SkyPlanner Partners know how hard this is to do. Your Miami Salesforce consulting company gets caught up in the day-today operations, making sure our clients are happy with the Salesforce application we customize for them and focus slips by. But we are definitely taking Michael’s advice and creating our plan.

Michael also reminds us that these top three goals have to be clearly defined for your entire staff because the entire company should be focusing on the same things, working together, on the same path. Imagine if the folks behind Twitter wouldn’t have concentrated on 140-character messaging. Or if Facebook hadn’t focused on photo-tagging.

Writing these top three goals will eliminate distractions and lead your company into becoming a successful corporation.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

2.7 Billion "Likes" Per Day and Other Mind-Boggling Social Media Stats

SkyPlanner Partners has covered the rapid increase in social media activity and the importance to connect with your customers through the social channels many times. But thanks to the latest Salesforce blog, your Miami Salesforce consulting company is now able to share with you some amazing statistics regarding social media and what that can mean for your business.

There's an enormous time spent in the social media world, from people creating content to people engaging and interacting with it to people sharing and consuming it. For example, it is said that 76% of Twitter users posts updates. At SkyPlanner Partners we share our blogs through our Twitter profile so our followers can see learn more about cloud computing and Salesforce. Twitter also allows us to get feedback from our followers. And speaking of blogs, Brandwatch states that there are about two million blogs published every day including this one.

Skype is another tool that allows people to use social media to do business. Your Miami Salesforce consulting partners regularly interacts with international and national clients via Skype. It allows us to have face-to-face meetings with our partners which helps us strengthen our relationships in a convenient way. Plus, when one of us is outside of the country meeting with clients just like last week when Rene was in Germany, we're able to review our day-to-day business matters easily. According to Brandwatch, there are 10 million minutes of Skype call every day.

And how can we talk about social media without mentioning Facebook. According to the Social Habit, Facebook users check their accounts five or more times a day. Digital Trends say there are 2.7 billion "likes" per day. (By the way did you “like” SkyPlanners Facebook page?) 80% of users prefer to connect with brands via Facebook and over 20 million US users have their birthday included on their profiles. Instagram, that was just bought by the Facebook giant, has 3,480 photos uploaded every minute. Yes, every minute of every day. And a new user signs up to the site every

According to LivePerson, 82% of users come to a website to get an issue resolved. This fact alone can do wonders for your business and bottom line, not to mention marketing strategy.  

So how are you going to use these mind-boggling social media statistics to increase your business' presence and profits?