Monday, March 25, 2013

Tips to Make It In the Social Media World

Your Miami Salesforce consulting company knows social media is not a trend, it's definitely here to stay. National corporations, nonprofit organizations, small businesses and even sole proprietors are using social media channels to communicate with their customers, evangelists and even critics. Listening to your customers and business partners such as vendors by way of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Youtube is a great way to stay connected. 

Salesforce's Marketing Cloud is big on social media success. The Marketing Cloud allows you to tap into real-time conversations from over 400 million social sources which means you'll practically know everything that's being said about your company, both positive and negative. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows organizations to use social media to gain more insights so they make better decisions regarding their marketing, sales processes and even identify true ambassadors of their brand.

Salesforce's brought together their social media experts to form a list of top tips for marketing via social media. SkyPlanner Partners learned that creating compelling content is a big part of making it in the social media world. Your Miami Salesforce consulting company learned that the content should establish your company as knowledgeable and provide solutions for your customers. The more you communicate, the more you'll know about your customers and the more you'll be able to gage what type of content best matches your clientele. Think ebooks, webinars, videos, tutorials, informative articles and cover topics that are related to your industry. The SkyPlanner Partners remind you to take some of that content fun.

Getting information from your customer base is important in the social media world. Don't ask for too much, maybe an email or a name and a title so you can gage the demographic of your most active clients. The less you ask, the more leads you'll get. This will also help you to segment and target everyone in the right way. You'll be sending the right message to the right people.

Salesforce's experts say that measuring your success in the social media world is crucial. You can learn and adjust your marketing behavior as you go. Salesforce makes it easy to measure success and failures. The SkyPlanner Partners can help you customize your Salesforce dashboards so you can verify your campaign performances, he impact they have had, what kind of info were you able to retrieve and from where or who.

Check out Salesforce's infographic for a quick look at the seven tools and tips to market in the social world.