Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Cloud Goes Green

Your Miami Salesforce consulting company just learned that Salesforce is the latest company to become green-er by committing to clean energy. On March 5th, Greenpeace reported that Salesforce has joined the club of global technology companies that agree that a green cloud is important to their growth, and it must be powered by renewable energy. Data center operators in the past several years have made significant progress in energy efficiency but they still are the fastest growing users of electricity. The SkyPlanner Partners learned that just last year, data centers grew by 14% and are projected to grow another 10% in 2013.

Salesforce, the #1 CRM company, is also growing fast which means that so are its greenhouse gas emissions. Your Miami Salesforce consulting company learned its emissions are up 50% over the past year. Salesforce's growth means the cloud computing company will need more data centers to store its clients information so more use of electricity. Thus, the importance of their commitment to renewable energy. SkyPlanner Partners are truly happy with this news since we believe in a greener planet. We recently acquired a new client called Green Star Biodiesel. It provides waste vegetable oil removal services for restaurants and other food service companies so they can recycle their cooking oils.

Salesforce will be joining the likes of Facebook and Google in being transparent about their energy and creating a renewably-powered cloud. Your Miami Salesforce consulting company learned that Greenpeace will work with Salesforce to monitor its progress and ensure that the cloud computing company takes the right steps towards their goal. The SkyPlanner Partners learned that Microsoft and Amazon are still lagging behind when it comes to curbing their use of coal, gas and nuclear power for their data centers.

These days, embracing clean energy is just good business.