Monday, March 18, 2013

Mobile Takes Customer Service By Storm

It's no surprise that mobile is picking up steam, what with the newest models of smartphones boasting extensive lists of features and apps all competing for our attention. However, your Miami Salesforce consulting company learned that one of the top trends for mobile technology surrounds the customers service industry. Until now, mobile was popular among sales, marketing and e-commerce. But now, mobile is becoming a crucial part of customer service departments' strategies. SkyPlanner Partners found out it's also important within the overall end-to-end customer experience.

Salesforce's Service Cloud has been developing products to help support this shift into the new mobile era, with customer service-centric products."Co-browsing" is a service that's in the works to allow agents to guide their customers on mobile devices via any web browser. So a customer who for example is looking at a credit card statement on his phone, doesn't have to exit the app in order to report a mistake or problem. He or she can initiate a co-browse with an agent and review this issue right then.

Your Miami Salesforce consulting company learned the Salesforce's Service Cloud team is also working on "Communities" that will provide a single destination to find answers through self-service, peers or community experts. This will encourage customer advocates and sharing. "Chat" will become even more popular in the mobile era, with instant live chats anywhere, anytime.

By 2014, the SkyPlanner Partners learned, there will be about 1.8 billion mobile devices in the hands of consumers. Mobile technology will definitely become the quick go-to for customer resolutions.