Thursday, February 21, 2013

Twitter Partners With Salesforce

A few days ago, social media giant Twitter announced a new ads API saying it will work with partners such as Salesforce to sell advertising that will appear alongside the 140-character posts. Since Twitter launched promoted tweets in 2010, marketers have been able to better engage over 200 million active users. Now they're trying to make it easier to manage campaigns and help marketers get more value out of their advertising. So, your Miami Salesforce consulting company found out, Twitter enlisted the help of various companies that can seamlessly integrate with their ads platform. The SkyPlanner Partners learned the micro-blogging site joined forces with Salesforce, SHIFT, TBG Digital, Adobe Systems and HootSuite.

Your Miami Salesforce consulting company learned that this new ad platform will allow brand managers and media buyers to spend more time on their paid Twitter campaigns and less on the technical side. People will be spending less time uploading images and playing around with headlines, because the new platform will help them with ad copy and targeting criteria. In addition, SkyPlanner Partners found out this new ads API will make it easier to track performance and reduce time spent on manual buying on the social media site. For regular Twitter users, the Sr. Vice President at Salesforce Marketing Cloud says the hope is that the brands will be able to choose when to reach them more wisely and with content that they're interested in.

As far as security online, Salesforce customers that use Twitter will have marketing credentials that are separate from the main social account credentials. Your Miami Salesforce consulting company learned brands can have their employees and ad agencies publish content without having to share passwords, thus making it more secure. These partnerships will help companies place promotions simultaneously on a number of social media sites. As far as dollars and cents, SkyPlanner found out these ad partnerships could help Twitter reach its target of $1 billion in revenue for next year. The social media giant is said to raise sales by 89% reaching $545.2 million this year.