Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Team That Works Together Plays Together

The SkyPlanner Partners typically compete in the high tech arena, behind our computers, strategizing and customizing Salesforce apps for our clients. But this past weekend, we geared all of our efforts outside of the office playing a friendly game of paintball. Well, okay, maybe not so friendly, we did shoot each other.  

Your Miami Salesforce consulting team got together for a little something outside the cloud computing consulting day-to-day business for the sake of stress relief. We've been very busy lately and needed some time to bond as a team. So we attacked each other, yelled at one another, wore camouflage and let loose on the field. But don't worry, we wore masks to protect ourselves. It was a great way to strengthen our friendship and get to know each other behind the computers.

Ernesto and William won the game, but of course we all had a great time trying to tag each other on the field.

So what do you recommend we do next for our team building activity?