Thursday, February 28, 2013

SkyPlanner Is Celebrating their 2-Year Anniversary

It’s already been two years…boy, does time fly when you’re having fun. The SkyPlanner Partners are proud to announce our second year anniversary. Two years ago, we decided to take our Saleforce talents to another lever. We created a Miami Salesforce consulting company to help small, medium as well as national and international businesses streamline their daily operations.

In just two years, SkyPlanner Partners has grown exponentially. We went from being three partners/co-founders to twelve employees plus part-time colleagues to help with brand and design efforts. We added an office in Belgium to build an improved communication system that will complement Salesforce which can sometimes have limitations with emailing. Our new system will allow our clients to send a notification using different channels such as email, SMS and IVR.

 In Colombia, we have two SkyPlanner developers working on our national accounts. In Spain, we have a colleague focusing on business intelligence, a new area of interest for SkyPlanner Partners, helping our clients turn raw data into meaningful information they can use to strategize and develop new opportunities.

Over the past two years, your Miami Salesforce consulting company has been helping clients find the best solutions for their unique businesses using the latest technology including cloud computing. As Salesforce consulting partners, we’re able to help clients leverage Salesforce, through training and Salesforce customized services including raw infrastructure, personal productivity applications, development tools, CRM and social integration.

In the very near future, your Miami Salesforce consulting company will be moving to a new office space to accommodate our growing team and recent hires. We’ll be strengthening our existing relationships and developing new ones. We’re also interested in working with nonprofit organizations, helping them leverage the world’s #1 CRM application. We believe Salesforce can help these organizations streamline their daily operations and offer various ways for them to maximize donations. We believe in giving back to our community and help those who need it most.

We’ll become more aggressive in the social media scene, gaining insights, connecting with prospects and engaging our clients. We’ll be keeping our clients up to date on the latest Salesforce news and updates. We’re about to launch our new website as well to better explain our Sales consulting services, feature our credentials and share our case studies.

SkyPlanner Partners would like to thank all of our dedicated clients and hard-working employees. We couldn’t have done it without you.