Thursday, February 7, 2013

Salesforce Buys Out EntropySoft

The SkyPlanner Partners found out Salesforce quietly bought off a French software company called EntropySoft this week, however there's no mention of the news on Salesforce's blog. But EntropySoft does state the latest changes on their website "EntropySoft has been acquired by If you have any questions, please send us an email." SkyPlanner Partners learned this French company is a niche enterprise content management business or ECM. They are known as "The Content Connection Company." 

Your Miami Salesforce consulting company learned the deal was actually done more than a month ago, however it wasn't announced. The word is still not out on how much the deal was worth. EntropySoft was founded in 2005 and in 2011 the company raised $3.5 m to expand its operations in America. It sells software to improve inter-operability between ECM systems. Your Miami Salesforce consulting company learned it's used for managing unstructured data like documents and emails needed for compliance.

EntropySoft's Connector Hub supports access and works with documents in a number of content management repositories like Microsoft's SharePoint. We still don't know why the CRM giant purchased the French company, but we do know that Salesforce entered this area of business (the unstructured management data) back in 2007 when it introduced the Apex coding language and the Content Exchange platform.

The SkyPlanner Partners learned from online sources that this deal may be a move to boost Salesforce's Chatterbox service. Chatterbox is suppose to be in its pilot phase the first half of 2013, helping people to manage and share files within their business and also provide real-time document synchronization across multiple devices and will compete with Dropbox and Box which are actually Salesforce partners. So the tech industry is speculating EntropySoft may have been acquired so that Chatterbox can differentiate itself from the competition.

SkyPlanner Partners will keep you up to date on how this unfolds.