Monday, February 11, 2013

Let's Get Down To Social Business

So we can all agree that social media is here to stay. It seems like the entire world is trying to connect online, whether for keeping up with family, reconnecting with old friends or seeking new business opportunities. As of December 2012, Facebook had 1.06 billion members, increasing 25% year over year with daily active users like SkyPlanner Partners at an average of about 618 million. Your Miami Salesforce consulting company learned Twitter gets about 300,000 new visitors every day with 750 tweets being shared every second. The micro-blogging site has 140 million active users. Google+ is now home to over 400 million members. On Youtube, Google's other child, there's 60 hours worth of video uploaded every minute of every day with over 800 million unique users every month. So Salesforce isn't wrong when it says there's a social revolution.

So are you tapping into your social network to grow your business? Does your marketing plan include social media channels, out there and within your own business? There's a lot you can do to benefit your company including social media monitoring, content creation and interacting with prospects. But first you have to build yourself a solid network, just like your Miami Salesforce consulting company did. SkyPlanner Partners now have a Twitter account @TheSkyPlanner, we have a Facebook profile that many people like and are networking regularly on LinkedIn, even searching for new talent. To build your network when you're just starting out, make sure to extend yourself and provide your social media audience with things of interest to them. For example, SkyPlanner Partners keep all of our social network up to date on news regarding Salesforce. Our network includes business partnerships like vendors, contacts we've made by supporting nonprofit organizations such as Cant Stomach Cancer and clients we've worked with among others.

In order to keep your network interested and be of value to them and your business, you have to engage them. Promote content you've created, blog regularly like your Miami Consulting Salesforce Partners do, post information that can be of help to their own success and re-share existing content that's already out there that they might have missed. Invite your network to comment on certain business decisions to know how it might impact them. With Salesforce you can create your own social network within your business. The Salesforce platform can help you maximize your social network capabilities with tools such as Chatter within your own company. For example if you're not sure how to price a certain product, post the question to your organization and get answers right away. Chatter also makes it easier to brainstorm and have a real-time discussion where everyone can give their two cents. It makes sharing articles and videos much easier.

Chatter is just the beginning of what Salesforce can do in the world of social media. Call SkyPlanner Partners at 305.814.7597, your Miami Salesforce consulting company, for more details on how you can jump on the social media bandwagon.