Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Green Star Biodiesel Joins SkyPlanner

The SkyPlanner Partners, your Miami Salesforce consulting company, is so proud to announce the new addition to our roster of clients, Green Star Biodiesel.  GSB provides professional waste vegetable oil removal services for restaurant and other food service companies to recycle or discard their cooking oils.  

"Their main service is to pick up oil from restaurants for later processing into fuel, so they need to keep track of the number of gallons of oil they retrieve from each per customer, every day," says SkyPlanner co-founder Jorge Fernandez. This data is crucial to Green Star Biodiesel because it determines the commissions they pay their sales representatives. A CRM system will help them streamline the information and have it organized, available whenever they need it. "They can run reports, do invoicing and pay commissions depending on the size of the accounts that are brought into the table, says Jorge. 

Your Miami Salesforce consulting company will customize this process for them as well as help them implement and configure the ability to record that data by using IPads."We'll be automizing their invoice processes and configuring mobility, says Jorge. A significant portion of the proceeds from Green Star Biodiesel goes back into the American Autism Association, which helped in the creation of the new, eco-friendly business  GSB believes in helping fulfill our energy demands without depleting our resources, keeping the environment cleaner for future generations.

SkyPlanner Partners is proud to partner up with a company that's doing so much good for our planet.