Thursday, February 28, 2013

SkyPlanner Is Celebrating their 2-Year Anniversary

It’s already been two years…boy, does time fly when you’re having fun. The SkyPlanner Partners are proud to announce our second year anniversary. Two years ago, we decided to take our Saleforce talents to another lever. We created a Miami Salesforce consulting company to help small, medium as well as national and international businesses streamline their daily operations.

In just two years, SkyPlanner Partners has grown exponentially. We went from being three partners/co-founders to twelve employees plus part-time colleagues to help with brand and design efforts. We added an office in Belgium to build an improved communication system that will complement Salesforce which can sometimes have limitations with emailing. Our new system will allow our clients to send a notification using different channels such as email, SMS and IVR.

 In Colombia, we have two SkyPlanner developers working on our national accounts. In Spain, we have a colleague focusing on business intelligence, a new area of interest for SkyPlanner Partners, helping our clients turn raw data into meaningful information they can use to strategize and develop new opportunities.

Over the past two years, your Miami Salesforce consulting company has been helping clients find the best solutions for their unique businesses using the latest technology including cloud computing. As Salesforce consulting partners, we’re able to help clients leverage Salesforce, through training and Salesforce customized services including raw infrastructure, personal productivity applications, development tools, CRM and social integration.

In the very near future, your Miami Salesforce consulting company will be moving to a new office space to accommodate our growing team and recent hires. We’ll be strengthening our existing relationships and developing new ones. We’re also interested in working with nonprofit organizations, helping them leverage the world’s #1 CRM application. We believe Salesforce can help these organizations streamline their daily operations and offer various ways for them to maximize donations. We believe in giving back to our community and help those who need it most.

We’ll become more aggressive in the social media scene, gaining insights, connecting with prospects and engaging our clients. We’ll be keeping our clients up to date on the latest Salesforce news and updates. We’re about to launch our new website as well to better explain our Sales consulting services, feature our credentials and share our case studies.

SkyPlanner Partners would like to thank all of our dedicated clients and hard-working employees. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Green Star Biodiesel Joins SkyPlanner

The SkyPlanner Partners, your Miami Salesforce consulting company, is so proud to announce the new addition to our roster of clients, Green Star Biodiesel.  GSB provides professional waste vegetable oil removal services for restaurant and other food service companies to recycle or discard their cooking oils.  

"Their main service is to pick up oil from restaurants for later processing into fuel, so they need to keep track of the number of gallons of oil they retrieve from each per customer, every day," says SkyPlanner co-founder Jorge Fernandez. This data is crucial to Green Star Biodiesel because it determines the commissions they pay their sales representatives. A CRM system will help them streamline the information and have it organized, available whenever they need it. "They can run reports, do invoicing and pay commissions depending on the size of the accounts that are brought into the table, says Jorge. 

Your Miami Salesforce consulting company will customize this process for them as well as help them implement and configure the ability to record that data by using IPads."We'll be automizing their invoice processes and configuring mobility, says Jorge. A significant portion of the proceeds from Green Star Biodiesel goes back into the American Autism Association, which helped in the creation of the new, eco-friendly business  GSB believes in helping fulfill our energy demands without depleting our resources, keeping the environment cleaner for future generations.

SkyPlanner Partners is proud to partner up with a company that's doing so much good for our planet.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Twitter Partners With Salesforce

A few days ago, social media giant Twitter announced a new ads API saying it will work with partners such as Salesforce to sell advertising that will appear alongside the 140-character posts. Since Twitter launched promoted tweets in 2010, marketers have been able to better engage over 200 million active users. Now they're trying to make it easier to manage campaigns and help marketers get more value out of their advertising. So, your Miami Salesforce consulting company found out, Twitter enlisted the help of various companies that can seamlessly integrate with their ads platform. The SkyPlanner Partners learned the micro-blogging site joined forces with Salesforce, SHIFT, TBG Digital, Adobe Systems and HootSuite.

Your Miami Salesforce consulting company learned that this new ad platform will allow brand managers and media buyers to spend more time on their paid Twitter campaigns and less on the technical side. People will be spending less time uploading images and playing around with headlines, because the new platform will help them with ad copy and targeting criteria. In addition, SkyPlanner Partners found out this new ads API will make it easier to track performance and reduce time spent on manual buying on the social media site. For regular Twitter users, the Sr. Vice President at Salesforce Marketing Cloud says the hope is that the brands will be able to choose when to reach them more wisely and with content that they're interested in.

As far as security online, Salesforce customers that use Twitter will have marketing credentials that are separate from the main social account credentials. Your Miami Salesforce consulting company learned brands can have their employees and ad agencies publish content without having to share passwords, thus making it more secure. These partnerships will help companies place promotions simultaneously on a number of social media sites. As far as dollars and cents, SkyPlanner found out these ad partnerships could help Twitter reach its target of $1 billion in revenue for next year. The social media giant is said to raise sales by 89% reaching $545.2 million this year.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Team That Works Together Plays Together

The SkyPlanner Partners typically compete in the high tech arena, behind our computers, strategizing and customizing Salesforce apps for our clients. But this past weekend, we geared all of our efforts outside of the office playing a friendly game of paintball. Well, okay, maybe not so friendly, we did shoot each other.  

Your Miami Salesforce consulting team got together for a little something outside the cloud computing consulting day-to-day business for the sake of stress relief. We've been very busy lately and needed some time to bond as a team. So we attacked each other, yelled at one another, wore camouflage and let loose on the field. But don't worry, we wore masks to protect ourselves. It was a great way to strengthen our friendship and get to know each other behind the computers.

Ernesto and William won the game, but of course we all had a great time trying to tag each other on the field.

So what do you recommend we do next for our team building activity?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Social Media Monitoring

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and many of you are still looking for that perfect gift. Is it flowers? Chocolate? How about jewelry or dinner reservations? Every year, countries around the world celebrate the love holiday with different customs. For example, in Japan it's the women who give chocolates to the men. In Finland, Valentine's Day is more about remembering your friends. The SkyPlanner Partners found out that last year Salesforce's Radian6 or Salesforce Marketing Cloud (it was bought by Salesforce for $326 million)  had a case study about the February 14th celebration. So the social media monitoring platform giant posted a Valentine's Day infographic with plenty of data surrounding February 14, 2012. 

Your Miami Salesforce Consulting company learned that from February 1 to the 12th, 2012, there were 8, 293,748 mentions of Valentine's Day dedicated to lovers, singlehood and friendship. By using social media monitoring, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud was able to report a bunch of trends and mixed feelings about Valentine's Day. For example, your Miami Salesforce Consulting company learned that 27,453 conversations were discussing the actual plans for the night out. Of those, 38.5% said they were saying, 16.2% said they were working while 0.3% were going to a concert. As far as the gifts are concerned, 12,005 conversations discussed perfume, 18,746 discussed lingerie, 84,340 discussed candy and of course 105,115 discussed roses. SkyPlanner Partners found out 74% of women were having positive conversations surrounding Valentine's Day while only 26% of men were having positive discussions. 

When it came popular dating sites, Eharmony had 564 mentions beating out's 408. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud was also able report back on the most romantic city in North America. New York City took the number one spot with 1,030 mention, Las Vegas took the last spot with only 172 mentions. Your Miami Salesforce consulting company discovered Twitter was also part of the study with popstar Avril Lavigne scoring one of the top 5 tweets. She announced her February 14th concert in Beijing at the Mastercard Centre. My baby was the top term of endearment during the love holiday with 20,020 mentions while my love bug only had 1,073 mentions.

Tune in later, your SkyPlanner Partners will keep report back on this year's Valentine's Day social monitoring.