Thursday, January 10, 2013

Upcoming Salesforce Updates for Spring 2013

SkyPlanner Partners, your Miami Salesforce consulting company, found out Salesforce will be offering new capabilities within its CRM app. These days,Salesforce, has about 800,000 developers and the platform is growing at a rapid pace. It even has newer technologies including Canvas, Salesforce Touch Platform and Identity. Salesforce will support Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.

There will also be numerous enhancements to Chatter, Salesforce's social collaboration platform. For example, Tasks will appear in record feeds. In addition, users will be able to search in group feeds, both public and private. Your Miami Salesforce consulting company discovered there's more Chatter updates, including notification emails that let you reply to like a post or comment.

The Salesforce changes in 2013 will extend to search, content previewing and usability to make things even smoother for businesses to collaborate. In fact, SkyPlanner Partners learned that come Spring, Salesforce will allow salespeople to run forecasts by quarters. Salesforce users will be able to forecast up to 12 months or eight quarters in the future or past.

SkyPlanner Partners, your Miami Salesforce consulting company, found out analytics are being revamped too. Salesforce users will be able to view dashboards from Salesforce's Touch mobile interface and browse through 15 recently viewed dashboards at once. Come Spring 2013, it will also be easier to find online resources thanks to help topics that will be organized according to feature area, user type and task. Salesforce users won't be distracted by information about other features or by topics for other kinds of users.

Salesforce Touch this new year will be better than ever. The downloadable and mobile browser apps will be supported on Apple's iPad mini and iPad 2 with Retina display models. The Cases and Leads tabs will also be available so users can view, edit, and create records. However, Chatter customers won't be able to use Salesforce Touch.

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