Wednesday, January 30, 2013

SkyPlanner Makes it to the Miami ING Half Marathon Finish Line

On January 27th, the SkyPlanner Partners took on the big challenge of completing the Miami ING Marathon to support the Can’t Stomach Cancer organization. As an official sponsor, we were determined to make it to the finish line and have a great time supporting a great cause. We're delighted to say that your Miami Salesforce consulting company made it to the starting line on time at the American Airlines Arena to take on the 13.1-mile challenge, early on Sunday morning.

The SkyPlanner Partners team was made up of 
Rene Garcia, William Urra, Fernando Gomez, Jorge Fernandez, Rene Rodriguez, Erisbel Diaz and Ernesto Rodriguez. All great salesforce consultants, programmers and teammates that are truly passionate about the work we do for SkyPlanner and our clients. We had our comfortable sneakers on, our water bottles, wristwatches, cameras and dedication on hand. It would have helped if we had a few training sessions as well!

We made it to the end of the race at the intersection of Biscayne Blvd and E.Flagler St, happy to still be alive and breathing. Fortunately there were many marathon aid stations with water and Gatorade Endurance drinks to hydrate all of us. There were even medical personnel from Baptist Health South Florida to keep an eye on everyone as well as cheering zones complete with noisemakers and encouraging posters. That really helped us keep our focus and keep running.

Rene Rodriguez and Ernesto Rodriguez both took first place in the SkyPlanner team, with Rene finishing at 2:23:48 and Ernesto at 2:23:47. SkyPlanner Partners learned that the average time for males in the Miami ING half marathon was 2:17:38 and 2:35:40 for females. So we're all very proud of our Rene who's also celebrating his birthday in the next few days. All of us at Miami Salesforce consulting company want to say congratulations to Robert Mbithi who won the half marathon with 1:05:44 in the male division and to Risper Gesabwa who won with 1:14:00.

Thank you to all of our SkyPlanner team who helped our Salesforce consulting company run for a good cause!