Thursday, January 10, 2013

Salesforce Goes to Sin City

From January 8th-11th, Salesforce took center stage in Las Vegas' Consumer Electronics Show where over 150,000 people gathered to experience that latest in technology. Social media was a very big deal this year with numerous examples of the impact it has had on the 21st century. CES exposed social media trends, wish lists, influential networks and new features. One of the most exciting highlights was CES' Social Media Command Center (SMCC) powered by Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The SkyPlanner, unable to attend the Vegas Show this year, learned the SMCC was staffed by community managers who responded to questions and enquiries in real-time.They generated reports and produced visuals on what was going on during the show.

There was so much detail, including gender breakdown, trending topics, most mentioned brands, most talked about speakers and geographic breakdown too. The visuals showcased multiple variables at a glance such as were real-time tweets, instagram photos and social media conversations. That's the power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The SkyPlanner Parters, the Miami Salesforce consulting partners, are well aware of the scalability for the Social Media Command Center and what it can do for your business.

Whether you have 100 employees or you're looking  to engage tens of thousands of people, the Salesforce platform can help. You just have to set it up right to fit your organization's needs. You can determine who will be responding on behalf of your company, what hours you'll actually be interacting in real time and where your command center be located. You can also categorize posts into various tiers, because you might decide that some questions or comments are worth a reply.

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