Thursday, January 17, 2013

Business Resolutions for the New Year

It's the new year and everyone is trying to keep their resolutions, but what about your business resolutions? Do you have set goals for 2013? Do you know what you want to accomplish before 2014 hits? For example, SkyPlanner Partners is gearing up to gain new clients in 2013. We've taken action by creating a strong brand and engaging our various networks through our new website and social media channels. In fact you can follow us at @TheSkyPlanner on Twitter. Our sales team is looking for new business opportunities, striking new partnerships in Miami with corporations within the tourism and hospitality, logistics and life sciences industries.

SkyPlanner Partners knows that defining goals and giving them deadlines really helps put a plan into action. It also helps you track your progress. The right tools can also help you get things moving. For example, the SkyPlanner Partners use the Salesforce platform for their own daily operations. Salesforce makes things smoother around our Miami consulting office. According to Salesforce, sales team only spend about 17%of their time selling. The rest of it is spent in meetings, traveling, doing administrative work and other duties that don't really help move profits upwards for a company. With the help of the Salesforce platform, sales team can free up some of that time by automating the sales process. That can be a a 2013 business resolution for your company.

Centralizing information is another thing that affects the bottom line and where the Salesforce platform can help. Data in multiple systems doesn't help make operations run smoother. But if you had your company's info on a cloud-based CRM, employees can access it at anytime and from anywhere. Which brings us to doing business from anywhere. Many people don't work the 9-5 job anymore. They are on the move and doing transactions from various locations. So giving your sales team mobile devices that are connected to a CRM system can be another goal for you on this new year.