Wednesday, January 30, 2013

SkyPlanner Makes it to the Miami ING Half Marathon Finish Line

On January 27th, the SkyPlanner Partners took on the big challenge of completing the Miami ING Marathon to support the Can’t Stomach Cancer organization. As an official sponsor, we were determined to make it to the finish line and have a great time supporting a great cause. We're delighted to say that your Miami Salesforce consulting company made it to the starting line on time at the American Airlines Arena to take on the 13.1-mile challenge, early on Sunday morning.

The SkyPlanner Partners team was made up of 
Rene Garcia, William Urra, Fernando Gomez, Jorge Fernandez, Rene Rodriguez, Erisbel Diaz and Ernesto Rodriguez. All great salesforce consultants, programmers and teammates that are truly passionate about the work we do for SkyPlanner and our clients. We had our comfortable sneakers on, our water bottles, wristwatches, cameras and dedication on hand. It would have helped if we had a few training sessions as well!

We made it to the end of the race at the intersection of Biscayne Blvd and E.Flagler St, happy to still be alive and breathing. Fortunately there were many marathon aid stations with water and Gatorade Endurance drinks to hydrate all of us. There were even medical personnel from Baptist Health South Florida to keep an eye on everyone as well as cheering zones complete with noisemakers and encouraging posters. That really helped us keep our focus and keep running.

Rene Rodriguez and Ernesto Rodriguez both took first place in the SkyPlanner team, with Rene finishing at 2:23:48 and Ernesto at 2:23:47. SkyPlanner Partners learned that the average time for males in the Miami ING half marathon was 2:17:38 and 2:35:40 for females. So we're all very proud of our Rene who's also celebrating his birthday in the next few days. All of us at Miami Salesforce consulting company want to say congratulations to Robert Mbithi who won the half marathon with 1:05:44 in the male division and to Risper Gesabwa who won with 1:14:00.

Thank you to all of our SkyPlanner team who helped our Salesforce consulting company run for a good cause!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Salesforce AppExchange Customer Choice Awards Winners

Congratulations to all of the 2012 AppExchange Customer Choice Awards Winners from all of us at SkyPlanner Partners. Salesforce just named their 13 winners, the ones with apps that have had the best customer reviews in various categories from Sales to Customer Service. Your Miami Salesforce consulting company learned Adobe EchoSign by Adobe was part of the lucky 13. Adobe EchoSign has been the #1 rated e-signature application for seven years now, since 2006. It gets contracts e-signed on a global level. SkyPlanner Partners learned it has about 50,000 customers worldwide. 

Also, in the Sales category, Hoopla Scoreboard is the other winning application. Created by Hoopla Software, this app drives adoption and performance through friendly competition, recognition and gamification. You can have goals, leaderboards, and you can even show off your success. Sales Optimizer developed the Opportunity Management Optimizer. It's actually a native Salesforce application that allows companies to improve margins, forecast accuracy and sales productivity. Configurator by Big Machines enables pricing and quotes while helping to generate proposals fast. 

In the Customer Service category, Clicktools Surveys and Scripts by Clicktools is part of the  Salesforce AppExchange Customer Choice Awards Winners list. Your Salesforce Miami Consulting company learned it helps corporations easily build surveys, landing pages, scripts. It enables companies to gain insight quickly in order to drive more business. Informatica Cloud Integration for Salesfoce takes a spot on in the IT and Administration category. Thanks to this app on AppExchange, companies can easily integrate Salesforce with on-premise and ERP apps, databases, files and social sources.

SkyPlanner Partners, your Miami Salesforce consulting company has also created some amazing apps and listed them on AppExchange. We have 18 successful projects to date. We create these apps so we can offer the best solutions in cloud computing, helping our clients leverage the salesforce platform. Read some of our AppExchange reviews on the salesfoce AppExchange website. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Salesforce Ranks as Best Company To Work For

SkyPlanner Partners just found out that Salesforce took the number 19 spot on FORTUNE Magazine's 100 Best Companies to Work For list. Salesforce joins the likes of Google, Qualcomm, DreamWorks Animation, The Container Store, Cisco and other top companies who are known for serving their communities and for their dedication to their customers as well as partners. Last year alone, Salesforce went from #52 to #27. This year is the first time that the CRM giant is int he top 20.

SkyPlanner also believes in creating a great employee culture in our Doral offices. All SkyPlanner Partners know there's an open-door policy and everyone is encouraged to take initiative and propose client solutions no matter their position in our Salesforce consulting company. Not only are we partners with each other, SkyPlanner is also a partner with Salesforce. We partner with the CRM giant so we can customize apps for our clients and keep up to date on everything that's   new within the Salesforce platform. We even collaborate and market some of our solutions on AppExchange where many Salesforce partners exchange ideas.

So why is Salesforce number 19 on the Best Company To Work For list? Employees say the cloud computing leader treats them like family. They say Salesforce invests an unparalleled amount of resources on developing its workforce and do a grat job with team building. Employees feel a great self-worth and are continuously motivated. This year 259 firms participated in the employee survey with more than 277,000 employees responding.

Way to go Salesforce! SkyPlanner is proud to be your partner!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Business Resolutions for the New Year

It's the new year and everyone is trying to keep their resolutions, but what about your business resolutions? Do you have set goals for 2013? Do you know what you want to accomplish before 2014 hits? For example, SkyPlanner Partners is gearing up to gain new clients in 2013. We've taken action by creating a strong brand and engaging our various networks through our new website and social media channels. In fact you can follow us at @TheSkyPlanner on Twitter. Our sales team is looking for new business opportunities, striking new partnerships in Miami with corporations within the tourism and hospitality, logistics and life sciences industries.

SkyPlanner Partners knows that defining goals and giving them deadlines really helps put a plan into action. It also helps you track your progress. The right tools can also help you get things moving. For example, the SkyPlanner Partners use the Salesforce platform for their own daily operations. Salesforce makes things smoother around our Miami consulting office. According to Salesforce, sales team only spend about 17%of their time selling. The rest of it is spent in meetings, traveling, doing administrative work and other duties that don't really help move profits upwards for a company. With the help of the Salesforce platform, sales team can free up some of that time by automating the sales process. That can be a a 2013 business resolution for your company.

Centralizing information is another thing that affects the bottom line and where the Salesforce platform can help. Data in multiple systems doesn't help make operations run smoother. But if you had your company's info on a cloud-based CRM, employees can access it at anytime and from anywhere. Which brings us to doing business from anywhere. Many people don't work the 9-5 job anymore. They are on the move and doing transactions from various locations. So giving your sales team mobile devices that are connected to a CRM system can be another goal for you on this new year.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Salesforce Goes to Sin City

From January 8th-11th, Salesforce took center stage in Las Vegas' Consumer Electronics Show where over 150,000 people gathered to experience that latest in technology. Social media was a very big deal this year with numerous examples of the impact it has had on the 21st century. CES exposed social media trends, wish lists, influential networks and new features. One of the most exciting highlights was CES' Social Media Command Center (SMCC) powered by Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The SkyPlanner, unable to attend the Vegas Show this year, learned the SMCC was staffed by community managers who responded to questions and enquiries in real-time.They generated reports and produced visuals on what was going on during the show.

There was so much detail, including gender breakdown, trending topics, most mentioned brands, most talked about speakers and geographic breakdown too. The visuals showcased multiple variables at a glance such as were real-time tweets, instagram photos and social media conversations. That's the power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The SkyPlanner Parters, the Miami Salesforce consulting partners, are well aware of the scalability for the Social Media Command Center and what it can do for your business.

Whether you have 100 employees or you're looking  to engage tens of thousands of people, the Salesforce platform can help. You just have to set it up right to fit your organization's needs. You can determine who will be responding on behalf of your company, what hours you'll actually be interacting in real time and where your command center be located. You can also categorize posts into various tiers, because you might decide that some questions or comments are worth a reply.

If you need help with setting up your own Salesforce platform, call your Miami Salesforce consulting team at 305.814.7597

Upcoming Salesforce Updates for Spring 2013

SkyPlanner Partners, your Miami Salesforce consulting company, found out Salesforce will be offering new capabilities within its CRM app. These days,Salesforce, has about 800,000 developers and the platform is growing at a rapid pace. It even has newer technologies including Canvas, Salesforce Touch Platform and Identity. Salesforce will support Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.

There will also be numerous enhancements to Chatter, Salesforce's social collaboration platform. For example, Tasks will appear in record feeds. In addition, users will be able to search in group feeds, both public and private. Your Miami Salesforce consulting company discovered there's more Chatter updates, including notification emails that let you reply to like a post or comment.

The Salesforce changes in 2013 will extend to search, content previewing and usability to make things even smoother for businesses to collaborate. In fact, SkyPlanner Partners learned that come Spring, Salesforce will allow salespeople to run forecasts by quarters. Salesforce users will be able to forecast up to 12 months or eight quarters in the future or past.

SkyPlanner Partners, your Miami Salesforce consulting company, found out analytics are being revamped too. Salesforce users will be able to view dashboards from Salesforce's Touch mobile interface and browse through 15 recently viewed dashboards at once. Come Spring 2013, it will also be easier to find online resources thanks to help topics that will be organized according to feature area, user type and task. Salesforce users won't be distracted by information about other features or by topics for other kinds of users.

Salesforce Touch this new year will be better than ever. The downloadable and mobile browser apps will be supported on Apple's iPad mini and iPad 2 with Retina display models. The Cases and Leads tabs will also be available so users can view, edit, and create records. However, Chatter customers won't be able to use Salesforce Touch.

For your own Salesforce capabilities, contact the SkyPlanner Partners today so we can help you leverage this amazing CRM application and show you how you can do better business.

SkyPlanner Starts the New Year By Giving Back

We are proud to announce that seven runners from SkyPlanner Partners are part of the dream team that’s sponsoring “Can’t Stomach Cancer: The Foundation of Debbie’s Dream” in the Miami ING Marathon. Yes that’s right, our Salesforce team is attempting to participate in the Miami ING Marathon on January 27th, 2013 as Corporate Sponsors. The full marathon stands at an impressive 26.2 miles, starting at the American Airlines arena while the half Marathon is a whopping 13.1 miles.

“Can’t Stomach Cancer” was founded in 2009 when founder Debbie Zelman was diagnosed with Stage IV stomach cancer. She started the nonprofit organization to raise awareness surrounding this devastating type of cancer. Through our charitable donation to “Hit the Ground Running,” SkyPlanner Partners hopes to help CSC with its mission to fund research, provide education and support patients and their families.

Come out to cheer us on, we’ll be the ones proudly wearing the SkyPlanner t-shirts.  Or join us in the ING Miami Marathon, it’s for a good cause. Just don’t forget your comfortable shoes, camera and bright t-shirts. See you on the course!

To find out more about this nonprofit organization, go to